"Amazing yoga class taught in a beautiful spacious apartment in Cobble Hill (Wyckoff and Smith) - instructed by Naomi Jaffe. She was an excellent and skillful instructor and I highly recommend this class- especially if you're looking for a smaller more intimate environment. I have taken yoga for years and this is truly an exceptional class. Naomi is also starting a beginner series in January."
- M. B., Brooklyn, NY


"Naomi Jaffe has changed my view of yoga. The resulting muscle relaxation of her classes rival any massage I have had in my entire life. She assures a serene environment and is calmly encouraging for those of us who are still learning...the more challenging positions. She brings positive energy, music and harmony and I truly look forward to her classes."
- B.R., Brooklyn, NY


"...THANK YOU so so much for your amazing classes which were absolutely fundamental for my practice...What you are doing is so amazing and so important. Thank you especially for bringing your music to us, it is such a blessing."
- K.F., New York City


"I began taking your class...at a time when I was very ill and scared. Your class offers me inspiration, peace of mind and wonderful music! It really is one of the highlights of my week...I have come to love yoga in a way I never could have imagined. So, a very heartfelt thank you for...creating a class that fills me with joy."
- A.W., Brooklyn, NY


"...I thought it was an amazing class. My first non "Mommy & Me" yoga in over a year... I've been practicing for 20 years, on & off & I hope the baby will adjust to the babysitting service so I can get my practice back on track. Thanks again..."
- E.G., Brooklyn, NY


" Thank you very much. We really enjoyed Yoga class at your studio last night. Each your detail teaching points helped us to understand more. Especially as beginners like us, your sincere encouragement make us to open more profound Yoga world with your beautiful and spiritual music. Thanks again.
- T.S & R.S, Brooklyn, NY "


"Naomi is the Best. Naomi was my first instructor when I started over 3 years ago. I've been to a few other instructors since then, but none of them had the perfect balance of movement and deep poses that she does. She also has a beautiful singing voice and plays a mean harmonium...just the right amount to start and finish the sessions. I now live further away and still make a commute to regularly practice with Naomi."
- M.N., Brooklyn, NY


"Naomi Jaffe is, hands down, my favorite yoga teacher ever. I began taking from her four years ago and have followed her to the newly opened Cobble Hill Yoga studio. Naomi's classes are well-balanced with chanting and meditation bookending a serious vinyasa workout experience. She is accommodating to all levels - my husband began her open classes as a complete beginner and has thrived. She has a gentle demeanor, but boldly challenges and pushes each of her students to the limits. I am so grateful for Naomi in my life and I highly recommend this (also extremely affordable) yoga studio!!!"
- F., Brooklyn, NY


"Hey Brooklyn friends! Have you heard of Cobble Hill Yoga? I just started going and Naomi is such a great teacher. Classes are small, affordable and in her elegant & serene brownstone. I so recommend!!! She has a new student discount that can't be beat, too. Just sayin."
- M.S.M., Brooklyn, NY