PRABHUJEE (Sanskrit for "intimate friend") draws from a rich heritage of devotional music and chanting and is offered in an accessible style for all to sing along with.  Naomi Jaffe's musical roots go back to her teenage years when she learned the guitar and sang folk songs and the brilliant singer-songwriter music being written at that time.  This musical aspect of her life stayed with her, and when she started practicing yoga she rediscovered her voice through the transformative experience of kirtan - call and response singing.  After many years of playing the harmonium and singing in her yoga classes, Naomi has compiled a collection of these beloved traditional chants in PRABHUJEE. 

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Produced by: Naomi Jaffe

Lead vocals: Naomi Jaffe

Kirtan Choir: ( Nama Shivaya Om, Yamuna Tira Bihari) Aurora Pedraza, Gabriele Schafer, Franny Silverman, Abby Weiss, Todd Isler

Harmonium:  Naomi Jaffe

Guitar: Naomi Jaffe

Frame Drum, Hadgini, Udubu, Lap Drum:  Todd Isler

CD package graphic design:  Carla Galler

Front cover photo of Naomi:  Ann Billingsley

Sanskrit translations (liner notes):  Jenny Meyer

Recorded February-March 2011 at Park West Studios, Brooklyn New York

Engineering, mixing and mastering:  Jim Clouse

All songs based on traditional chants and arranged by Naomi Jaffe.  Music for "Prabhujee" by Ravi Shankar.


"Soft and sweet and full of devotion" -Swaha (Meenakshi and Ron Reid)

"Transcendent music" - YogacityNYC