Naomi began exploring the fluctuations of the mind when she worked as a social worker in the 1980's and in 1988 led her to pursue post-graduate psychoadynamic training. She went on to practice psychotherapy for the next twenty years.  In 1998 she began practicing yoga at Jivamukti where she became a student of Barbara Verrochi and Kristin Leigh with whom she continues to practice today at the Shala.  In 2002 she was certified to teach yoga by Yoga Union. She established an Ashtanga yoga practice with Barbara and Kristin in 2006 and began taking singing and harmonium lessons with Gulum Mohamed Mirashi.  She has also studied Ashtanga with Sharath Jois, David Swenson and Tim Miller and meditation with Sharon Salzberg.  Naomi learned from her practice that yoga, like therapy, could quiet and calm the mind.  In 2003 she combined teaching yoga with her work as a psychotherapist and by 2009 was teaching yoga exclusively.  Naomi has taught her popular vinyasa classes at the Dodge YMCA in Brooklyn NY since it opened n 2005.  In 2011 she released PRABHUJEE, a self-produced CD of Indian chants.   She founded Cobble Hill Yoga in 2009 in her home to bring her own classes to the community.  Naomi's teaching is known for its focus on the mind-body connection, warm humor and deep appreciation for the uniqueness of each student.  She lives in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, with her husband and teen-aged son.